Becoming an ERDE member

Taking responsibility, enabling a sustainable agriculture

Do you want to take a step further towards sustainability and contribute to the collection and recycling of used crop plastics throughout Germany? Become a member of ERDE!

Through your membership and participation in ERDE, you can help close the material cycle, conserve resources and protect the environment and the climate.

Franz-Josef Lichte

Chair of the ERDE initiative

“We, as members of ERDE and manufacturers of agricultural film, consider it our duty to take care of the end-of-life treatment of our products. With our financial support in ERDE, we take responsibility for our industry and the environment. We offer the users of our products an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to dispose of their used films. We believe it is necessary for all companies to follow our example and take responsibility for a sustainable agriculture and healthy environment.”

How to become an ERDE member or sponsor member:

You can become a full member of ERDE as part of IK German Association for Plastics Packaging and Films if you belong to the following companies:

  • Manufacturers of crop plastics
  • Distributors of crop plastics
  • Initial distributors of crop plastics on the German market
  • Machine manufacturers (e.g. press manufacturers)

In addition, any company with a connection to crop plastics may become a supporting member. Just contact us for everything you need for your membership – we look forward to meeting you!

The ERDE recovery and recycling concept

Find out everything about the ERDE recovery and recycling concept: The mission, the organisation of manufacturers, collection points, farmers and operators, as well as previous successes. 

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