Becoming an ERDE collection partner

Collect used crop plastics and help us protect the environment and the climate!

Are you interested in operating an ERDE collection point in your region? We’re happy to hear that! The ERDE concept already includes more than 500 collection points for the recovery and recycling of crop plastics. We have compiled the most important questions and answers for you:

Who can become a collection partner?

Trade, machinery rings, farmers, contractors or disposal companies – basically, anyone can operate an ERDE collection point.

What are my tasks as a collection partner?

Your tasks include receiving used crop plastics in line with the conditions of acceptance, either year-round or annually on one or two collection dates.

It helps to have a scale on site for calculating the delivered volumes, but you can also let farmers estimate the volume of their materials. You can organise the container logistics of your collection either with your own partner or directly with the system operator RIGK.

The ERDE trustee requires documentation of the collected quantity and the recycling that has taken place following the actual collection.

Who will assist me in the collection?

RIGK, the ERDE system operator, helps you set up your collection point with monitoring staff and carry out the collection and proper documentation.

For communication support, you will receive a range of communication materials such as posters, newsletters or advertising spots.

Is there financial support?

Financial support for the collection is provided by ERDE members and is agreed by the RIGK with the collection partners.

Join us!

Just contactus directly – the employees of our system operator RIGK will be happy to answer all your questions personally and help you become an ERDE collection partner.



More than 100 ERDE partners are already collecting!

You can find out who is already active and whether there are already collection partners in your area by using our collection point search.

Do you have any questions?

Then contact us using our contact form or call us directly! We are happy to help personally.

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