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Successful commitment to the environment and climate

Icon Agricultural plastics
32,668 t collected agricultural plastics
Icon CO2
35,610 t CO2 savings per year
Icon Tree
Corresponds to the amount
of CO2 bound by
2.566.495 TREES*

*based on the calculations of the Frauenhofer Institut Umsicht (2021)

ERDE – promoting used film recycling

ERDE - Erntekunststoffe Recycling Deutschland - Together for the environment

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ERDE is the nationwide recovery and recycling system for crop plastics in Germany. Based on a voluntary industry initiative, ERDE actively contributes to sustainable agriculture in feed production and fruit and vegetable cultivation. All stakeholders, including manufacturers, farmers and collection point operators, are jointly responsible for ensuring that crop plastics are successfully reintroduced into the material cycle through recycling. Recycling conserves resources and actively protects the climate.

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Markus Vescoli

Managing Director Agrarhandel Vescoli

"As a trader, I am aware of my responsibility and pay attention to the ERDE membership of the producers when purchasing the films. Therefore, I am proud to sell 100% ERDE-licensed silage films to my customers and to enable them to return the used films by collecting them on my premises. In this way, the cycle from film production to recycling can be closed via the ERDE initiative."

Michael Eble

Managing Director, Maschinenring Ostallgäu GmbH,

“At Maschinenring Ostallgäu, we are pleased to have finally found the ERDE initiative, a reliable partner that conveniently disposes of our members’ agricultural film at a low cost. Machinery rings in the surrounding area have heard about our disposal system for agricultural film, which we now also offer to their members.”

Lars Drewniok

Lars Drewniok,

“As a contractor, ERDE enables me to offer my customers an easy way to return used stretch film after feeding round bales. We believe it is important for the films to be turned back into raw materials through recycling.”

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